Street Charge

The first solar, drop-in, community charging station for mobile devices. Together with Goal Zero and AT&T, we're bringing the power of the sun to the streets.


The DIWire is the first desktop wire bender, a new archetype for rapid prototyping, that bends wire into curves that can be assembled to make just about anything.

Mr. Longarm Woodmates

To build the Mr. Longarm brand, we learned that the unique needs of DIY users should be met by complete solutions, not just tools for tasks.

Playtex Nurser

Pensa was trusted by Playtex to redesign their iconic Nurser bottle, presenting a more seamless and modern take on this beloved brand while enhancing its functionality.

Tower Optical Digital Viewer

We transformed the iconic design of the Tower Optical viewer into a modern digital tool that can be used to tell any kind of visual story.

OXO Mini Beakers

Precisely measuring small amounts of liquids with spoons while baking can be very annoying. We started from scratch and designed a simple, compact and elegant solution to this problem.

Antimicrobial Copper

Discovering opportunities to apply antimicrobial copper to hospital products was more than just a material swap, we needed to change behavior.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

The 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer combines all the steps of preparing avocados into one tool, making avocados easier than ever to prepare.

Light Reeds

Light Reeds is Pensa's concept for an urban intervention which helps reconnect NYC people to the water that surrounds them.

OXO Digital Thermometer Line: Instant and Leave-in

Rigorous investigation led to the integration of new physical functions and a simple on screen interaction.

Topps Sliderz

We questioned the question to reframe the problem and remember what it's like to be a kid.

Labnet Tube Rotator

Observing lab technicians within the context of their workspace led to a design which solved their needs

Samsung Mobile

In 2009 Pensa worked with Samsung to develop mobile device concepts which would meet the specific needs of teens and their parents.

OXO Leave-in Thermometer UI

Designing the digital interface and physical form to support each other allowed us to create a simple, intuitive user experience.

Green Concepts

With these concepts we aim to influence behavior by creating new and compelling experiences.

OXO Mango Splitter

A thoughtful solution to a real pain point in the kitchen.

OXO Fruit Cutter Line

A series of tools which embody the innovation and simple beauty for which OXO is known.

With a thorough understanding of the needs of an active lifestyle, Pensa partners with Bic to develop products that excite their customers.
Pensa creates products that meet the child's needs while appealing to the parents.
Pensa partners with Hartz to develop a holistic vision for their products.
Pensa partners with Johnson & Johnson to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers' home health care needs and generate concepts to address them.
By examining the needs of workers in laboratories, Pensa partners with Labnet to develop products which seamlessly integrate into a crowded lab environment.
Pensa partners with McDonald's to generate concepts which build on their innovative approach to food preparation.
During projects, Pensa is an extension of the Motorola design team and helps shape products in the B2B space.
By leveraging their equity in home improvement products, Pensa partners with Mr. LongArm to develop a design strategy that builds their brand.
By delving into everyday issues in and around the home, Pensa partners with OXO to identify opportunities and develop products which further elevate their brand.
Whether we are exploring brand new technologies or building on an established core business, Pensa identifies new opportunities for Panasonic that appeal to today's consumers.
Pensa partners with Pepsi to look beyond consumers to a range of stakeholders--from restaurants to technicians to bottlers--to develop an equipment strategy that addresses the needs of all the people standing between Pepsi and their consumers.
By developing a better understanding of a mother's needs when caring for her children, Pensa partners with Playtex to design products which connect to their core consumers.
By identifying trends in consumer needs and tastes within US and European markets, Pensa partners with Samsung to identify opportunities for innovation and generate concepts that will connect to consumers.
By spending time remembering what it's like to be a kid, Pensa partners with Topps to create candy experiences that kids love.